Welcome to Mountains Edge Homeschoolers

Update: August 2016:

I'm sure if you landed here you are wondering a bit about our group. I'll start by introducing myself and my family. I'm Melissa, and I'm so pleased to meet you. My husband and I have 4 children whom we have always homeschooled here in Nevada. I started the group many years ago, with the motivation in mind that it would be a wonderful way for my kids to make great connections and form friendships with other homeschooled children of similar personalities. As my kids have grown older, family schedules have changed and my kids interests have also changed.  And based on the season of life in which we find ourselves.... Mountains Edge Homeschoolers has decided to close it's doors at this time. It has been my pleasure to meet so many wonderful folks over the years who are so passionate about homeschooling their children. It has also been my honor to help folks who have sent me emails with their questions through this website, find some footing here in this great state for homeschooling our children. 

I would be remiss if I failed to add a side note, that my soon to be 10 year old son is always happy to meet new buddies and if you happen to have a son around his age who enjoys things like golf, video games, superheros,  pretend guns and swords, then, please feel free to send me a message through the contact form and we can get them together.

We will be keeping the website up. Please feel free to drop us an email via the contact page if you have any questions about homeschooling here in Nevada, or if there is anything else homeschool related I may help you with, as our emails are always monitored, we will respond.

Thanks for stopping by, blessings to you and yours.


Frequent homeschool questions we receive:

  • How do I start homeschooling in NV if my kids are in traditional school?  You can just remove them from school, however you have 10 days to file a notice of intent form with the school district, which just simply says that you intend to homeschool. That form may be found here. You have no legal obligation beyond mailing the intent forms. They usually send something back, but again if they don't, it's okay, you did your due diligence in sending the form in. Just keep a copy of it for your records. You will send this along with an "educational plan" to the superintendent of the school district.
  • Where do I get a curriculum plan or how do I develop one for my children? You can do a cut and paste from here. And as far as developing what you will use with your kids. That is entirely up to you. There are a lot of different methods for homeschooling, which you can read about here. My advice is to keep it simple. Especially if you are new to homeschooling.., spend some time just enjoying your kids. If you are removing your kids from school I highly recommend reading up on "Deschooling" which can be read in the link for Joyfully Rejoycing down a bit further on the page.
  • Does it cost money to homeschool?  It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it honestly. That is entirely dependent on you.
  • Is there required testing? No there is not.
  • What curriculum do I use? And where do I get it? There is no one curriculum that suits all. Search the web, look at catalogs, talk to others and see what they use and how they like it and why. Read over all the different methods of homeschooling (Unschooling, waldorf, Traditional school at home, unit studies, online learning, etc.) One of my favorite websites is http://www.joyfullyrejoycing.com/
  • How do they graduate? You graduate them when they have completed the course of study as you see fit. Many teens start right into college while still technically in the high school years. Take a look at this website which provides some information on that: www.nocollegedebt.net
  • What about socialization? I believe most people are asking how do they make friends? I would say they make friends just like we adults do out in the world, based on real world interactions with other people in various ways. But no it won't happen from them being in a traditional classroom with 20 - 30 same age peers, and sometimes even then it's hard on kids in that setting. And yes it may take some effort on your part as the parent. My humble suggestion is to first look to folks closest to you.. in your own neighborhood. Be neighborly, be friendly, get to know people around your immediate area. Use the next door app to talk to neighbors and make connections that way. Get plugged into a church. For younger kids... take them to parks.. be friendly... interact with other parents at the park... you would be surprised how many families here homeschool but don't participate in homeschool groups.  And if you are wondering how they learn social skills such as social norms, values, and behaviors... they learn that from watching you their parents. There is a great book called The Socialization Trap by author Rick Boyer. Though written from a Christian perspective... there are great concepts in there about socialization regardless of your religious beliefs.
  • What if I want to read more about homeschooling? Some great authors to look to are John Taylor Gatto (a former school teacher who taught in the classroom for 30 years). Some of his best loved books are Dumbing Us Down and Weapons of Mass Instruction. And then there is John Holt who wrote books such as How Children Learn and How Children Fail, and Teach Your Own.

Additional information on homeschooling in Nevada: http://nevadahomeschoolnetwork.com/

Please do not depend on any advice on this site for legal advice. As homeschool laws do change we encourage you to check the homeschool laws in Nevada to be sure you are in compliance.